What’s Inside Disney’s $1,500 Limited Edition Blu-ray Set

If you want to celebrate Disney’s centennial in style, be prepared to pay.

Last week, the entertainment giant announced a commemorative box set containing the most iconic animated films from its history. Its price? $1500.

The Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection includes 100 films – one for each year from the century-old history of the House of Mouse.

The mega set comes in a large box featuring three volumes, each decorated with simple graphics referencing the company’s popular films like “Toy Story,” “Fantasia,” and “Lilo & Stitch.”

Illustrated pages feature original theatrical artwork for each of the 100 films, plus a special edition white and gold Blu-ray Disc for each film.

The folders unfold like a storybook, allowing you to view their contents and browse the artwork. Purchasing the set will also get you digital codes for all 100 movies.

The $1,500 average movie price comes out to $15 per film. And next month, Disney will increase the price of its Disney+ streaming service, where many of these movies can be found, to $13.99 per month.

That means the new box set will cost roughly nine years of ad-free Disney+, or more than 15 years of the $7.99 per month ad-supported plan.

But it’s not just movies in the box. Customers will also receive a crystal paperweight engraved in the shape of Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse ears hat, as well as a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Also in the box is a sticker with the company’s “Wish” printed on it Upcoming animated film Which will commemorate the centenary of its founding.

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The films included in the collection will range from Disney’s first film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937 to modern classics such as “Incanto” and “Coco”. Other Blu-ray discs include “Toy Story,” “The Lion King,” and “A Goofy Movie.”

The collection will be available for purchase starting November 14th, with Walmart offering pre-orders starting September 18th.

Marketing efforts were in full swing for Disney’s 100th anniversary. And earlier this summer, the company began re-releasing eight classic films in theaters, some of which haven’t been shown on the big screen in decades.

“The Incredibles” is still in multiple theaters through September 14, and will be followed by re-releases of “Coco,” “The Lion King,” and “Moana.”

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