What was the head of Russian intelligence doing in Pyongyang?

KCNA said officials discussed strengthening cooperation to “counter growing espionage and plots by hostile forces.”

“Both parties reached a complete consensus on the outstanding issues during the two talks which took place in a friendly and amicable atmosphere,” the same source said.

“Vladimir Putin Shame on Being So Horribly Contradicted”

Both Russia and North Korea are subject to international sanctions: Moscow for invading Ukraine and Pyongyang for its nuclear weapons tests.

In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a summit in the Russian Far East, during which Mr. Kim has said relations with Moscow are his “number one priority” country.

The United States later said that Pyongyang had begun supplying Moscow with weapons.

In early March, South Korea said it had sent about 7,000 containers of weapons to Russia for its war against Ukraine since transfers began in July.

According to Washington, Pyongyang is seeking a range of military assistance, such as satellite technology and the modernization of Soviet-era military equipment.

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