“What shocks us most of all is his attitude and his wife’s attitude is a real insult to us.”

Jean-Paul Roussel and his wife, antique dealers on the Aisne, have been part of the Maison des brocanteurs in the former Banque de France since September 2021. After being there for a year and a half, the couple – attended. This Sunday March 19, at the Péronne trade sale in Place Daudré – the beginning of 2023, it was reported that it was forced to leave the premises quickly and without warning.

Jean-Paul Roussel and his wife didn’t appreciate the way they had to leave the house of second-hand dealers.

“On Sunday, January 29, 2023, we received in person a letter signed by Julian Cohen at the Maison des Procontours. The courier gave us formal notice to collect all our belongings by 31st January. We only had two days to return! What shocked us most of all was Mr. The attitude of Cohen and his wife, they really ignored us,” says this old man from Peron who has been at the flea market for fifteen years, they tell the Courier. Picard.

The reason for this dispute: “sulphur” “unacceptable and threatening” comments and “inappropriate” attitude, according to the content of the letter, which received the courier Picard!

“I never hit anyone. I can’t stand the newbies, so called second hand dealers, setting up and selling anything. I’m a crystal expert, and I know how to distinguish packart from glass, for example. My mistake was not covering my g…” sighs the man, who is sure he would have left the Maison des Brocanteurs anyway.

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Julian Cohen, who was contacted, confirms that the decision had to be made without hesitation. “I have nothing against them, but when a professional allows himself to repeatedly criticize a colleague in public in front of many clients, it cannot be tolerated. So we had to crack down.”

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