What did the iPhone camera do to this poor woman’s arms?

woman He was photographed standing in front of two mirrors with an iPhone camera, but the actual photo shows three completely different arm positions. The arms are in different locations in Mirror One, Mirror Two, and in real life. Is it photoshop? Is it a defect in the matrix? Did the woman make a 25-year journey inside… Twin Peaks Black hostel? No, it’s just a photocopying error, but it still causes a single photo to be taken.

It all comes down to how modern smartphone cameras handle photography. When you tap the camera button, billions of calculations happen in an instant, resulting in a photo you can post online and hopefully get a few likes. In this case, Apple’s software didn’t realize there was a mirror in the shot, so it treated each version of the subject as three different people. It was moving at the moment the photo was taken, so the algorithm stitched the image together from multiple photos. The final result? Well, you can see it above.

The smartphone camera software always pulls in several images at once, combining them at will and adjusting contrast, saturation, detail and lack of blur. In the vast majority of cases, this is not a problem. However, from time to time, the software gets a bit cluttered. If there had been three different people, instead of one person with a mirror, each subject would have been represented correctly.

This is something that can actually be recreated by anyone with an iPhone and some mirrors. As a matter of fact, there is a TikTok trend where people are doing, Making all kinds of silly pictures and videos By taking advantage of the difficulties the algorithm faces when separating mirror images from actual people.

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