“What can society do to help you if you do nothing?”

They were selling ganja for personal use and for some customers. Here’s a profile of the couple who promptly appeared in Arras court last Friday and whose story La Voix du Nord tells. Following the intervention of the police last Wednesday, 85 grams of cannabis were found in their house during a search by the police. Epilogue to the Inquisition that was instituted after the Condemnation. For twenty-five days, a young man named Valentine* was tracked down and his car was located.


Both admitted the facts. Over a seven-month period, VP is said to have made €3,500 by buying and selling 5kg of cannabis. Orders placed through the Snapchat app; Deliveries were made near their homes or to customers. The dealers of the defendant shall have no question during the trial.

“You have to live, I can’t work, I have no help”, explained this weakly, suffering from severe back problems.

“You Choose”

“You get 928 euros from national solidarity (benefits). You make a choice”, objected President Mrs. Astarc. “These are people who are very seriously addicted to cannabis,” presents the young woman’s lawyer Mee Webbe. She, 22, urges a therapeutic use to treat depression. , he, 24, to relieve his back pain.They met eight years ago at an educational home, the parents of a 4-year-old.

At the time of the events, the defendant was on probation and on an electronic bracelet. “What can society do to you if you do nothing? “asks the President, anxious to put him before his responsibilities.

“He chose convenience, but it wasn’t a trafficker,” said his lawyer, Mee Duprise, highlighting the couple’s modest lifestyle.

Judges fell short of the demands. Valentin was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, six of which were suspended, and fined €1,000. His previous term was revoked and he was jailed. For his companion, in a minor role: eight months probation and a 500 euro fine.

* First name is assumed

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