‘We’ll see it’ – The eight-time champion will return to WWE after more than nine years at Survivor Series, Dutch Mantel believes (exclusively).

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantel, also known as Zeb Colter, believes CM Punk will return to the company at Survivor Series.

The eight-time champion was released from his WWE contract in 2014, after which he stayed away from professional wrestling for over seven years. Punk joined AEW in 2021, but his run with the company was filled with controversy and ended when he was fired from the company last month after a backstage altercation.

WWE has dropped several references to CM Punk in the past few weeks, leading many to believe that the star may appear at Survivor Series, which will take place in his hometown, Chicago. Dutch Mantel shared the same sentiments while speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s latest edition Harsh words.

“I still think that’s a misdirection. I think we’ll see it. It’s floating out there and I think they will.” [51:37 – 51:52]

Vince Russo believes CM Punk should not return to WWE

CM Punk has been the talk of the town since he was fired due to AEW. Soon after, rumors of his return to the Stamford-based promotion began circulating, which were followed by numerous hints about WWE programming.

However, Vince Russo believes the former AEW Champion should not return to his old hunting ground. The veteran wrestler stated that Punk should not hitch his wagon to any promotion and should do what he wants.

“I gotta tell you. This is the thing, man. If I’m CM Punk, I’ve created a great brand for myself. Controversy has created a great brand for CM Punk. If I’m Punk, I’ll be done linking up.” “My gigs are for anyone. Take this brand and do whatever you want. Right after that, we got a show with EC3. If EC3 could start their own wrestling promotion with a fraction of the money that Punk has, if I were Punk, my days would be ‘working for Anyone will finish. “The only person I work for from now on is me,” Vince Russo said.

CM Punk’s last appearance with the global juggernaut was at Royal Rumble 2014. He left the company in disrepair when he was fired on his wedding day. However, the superstar was present backstage at RAW earlier this year, where he appeared to patch things up.

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