“We told him, ‘A young woman without arms can’t do it.'”

There is obviously still room for improvement in inclusion. For Elaine, 9, an afternoon at Parc du Bocas in France doesn’t equate to a good laugh. Every year she is entitled to a family picnic with her parents and other siblings at the main amusement park of Seine-Maritime near Clérres on Sunday, August 28. Elin, who lives in Maddenville near Pucci, suffers from agenesis, missing her left arm and a large portion of her forearm.

“We used to go on little boat rides that ended up in a ‘toboggan,'” says his mother, Sandy Godu. But when settling down, the man in charge of the attraction told him: “”A young woman without arms cannot, she cannot go happily,” he testifies in the columns of Paris. Normandy””. The girl “came out in tears”.

Eileen’s mother decries the lack of expertise: “We later found out that there was a sign at the start of the queue indicating that the park had to refuse disabled situations for safety reasons. But I wish someone had told me earlier rather than standing in line for 45 minutes for nothing. Especially when I paid the normal fee at checkout. There, we were not told anything about my daughter’s disability,” laments Sandy.

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