WD declined to answer our questions about self-wiping SanDisk SSDs

Eleven days ago, we sent these questions to the head of public relations at Western Digital and made them public the edge:

We have now received a response from Western Digital’s Head of Public Relations, Robin Schultz, but nothing has changed about the company’s position. Schultz repeatedly refused to answer any of our questions. Her statement does not even contain an acknowledgment of the issue nor does it contain a specific timeline for any real answers.

The only reason to print a Western Digital statement is so you can see it for yourself:

In response to recent reports about concerns with Western Digital portable SSD products, we want to assure our valued customers that we are taking all necessary measures to address any product-related issues. We understand the importance of our products to our customers and take these matters very seriously. We conduct a comprehensive review to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues.

After getting the statement, we asked Schultz three times if Western Digital would answer our questions. Every time she deviated. Nor will it provide any idea when — if ever — the company will share its conclusions.

there He is One possible reason Western Digital finally spoke up and said nothing: The company was just sued. like log reportsCalifornia resident Nathan Crum has filed a potential class action lawsuit, citing breach of contract, fraudulent and unfair business practices, and several other claims. Krum is suing both the SanDisk Extreme drive itself and for damages for any lost data. You can read the full complaint at the end of this story.

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I won’t be buying a Western Digital or SanDisk product any time soon.

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