Washington slips away from his awful face mask and forces the vultures to fumble at a missed call

The NFL has an instant restart and continues to receive false calls regularly.

Some things are reviewable, others are not, and picking and choosing means we make horrible mistakes like Monday night.

The Philadelphia Eagles He had the right to go crazy in the fourth quarter of their lives 32-21 loss Washington leaders. Washington back Jamin Davis Hold the eagles tight end Dallas GuedertMask his face and pull it down. It wasn’t just a penalty, it was blatant. However, officials did not see this. When Goedert was pulled from his face mask, which everyone could easily see immediately upon restart, he fumbled at the ball. Washington recovered.

This was not a call to judge. This is a really bad mistake by the officials.

Explain why this should not be reviewable?

It happened with just over nine minutes left and Washington leading 23-21. The Eagles had just picked the quarterback captains Taylor Hynek And he had some momentum. Davis then grabbed Guedert’s face mask and got away with it. Instead of a 15-yard penalty and the Eagles kept the ball, the leaders took it back. Washington didn’t move that at all, but she did get a 55-yard field goal that they shouldn’t have.

Since the face mask penalties could not be reviewed, there was nothing that could be done. The NFL has resisted expanding the replay, but it might make sense to at least include personal errors. He would have made all the difference at a defining moment on Monday night.

In a fair world, it would have been possible to review the play and make the right call. But the NFL doesn’t allow it, even with the technology to do so.

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Eagles coach Nick Siriani was not happy with a missed call against Washington during the leaders’ loss Monday night. (Photo by Mitchell Leaf/Getty Images)

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