War in Ukraine: Zelensky condemns crimes against humanity before UN after new Russian strikes (watch our live review)

Before the UN, via video conference, the Ukrainian president condemned Russia’s “crimes against humanity” hours after fresh strikes against energy infrastructure. “In sub-zero temperatures, millions of people are without power supply, without heat and without water, which is clearly a crime against humanity.“.

About 70 cruise missiles were launched by Russian forces, 50 of which were shot down, according to Ukraine’s Air Force Ministry. They are particularly affected The capital is KievA maternity hospital near the city of Lviv and Zaporizhia.

National operator Energoatom has indicated that three nuclear power plants are currently without power following Russian strikes.

According to Kaivy, about 30 Ukrainian soldiers, prisoners of Russian forces, were released during Wednesday’s prisoner exchange. This includes security guards From Mariupol.

At the diplomatic level, theThe European Parliament today adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The website of the European Parliament has been hacked requested Through the “pro-Kremlin group”, MEPs made contact with the resolution approved by a majority some time ago, recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Washington has pledged an additional $400 million in aid to Ukraine.

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