War in Ukraine: Towards a plan to end the war?

It has been more than two weeks since Russian and Ukrainian officials met for talks. There is talk of a neutral plan to end the war.

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IRussia and Ukraine are discussing a neutral plan to end the war. This draft agreement is planned in fifteen aspects. In exchange for security guarantees, it offers kyiv to abandon its ambitions to join NATO.

The peace plan?

The neutrality plan includes a ceasefire, as well as the withdrawal of Russian troops if kyiv declares its neutrality and accepts restrictions on its armed forces. Three people involved in the talks mentioned this
Financial Times

Russian and Ukrainian negotiators discussed the deal in detail for the first time on Monday. Kyiv promises not to provide foreign military bases and / or weapons in exchange for the protection of allies such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

The position of the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia is a point that can prove to be an obstacle to any agreement. Added to this is the nature of Western guarantees for the security of Ukraine.

The Ukrainians are skeptical

Both Russia and Ukraine have recently stated that they have made progress in terms of their agreement. However, Ukrainian officials are skeptical of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s commitment to peace. They really fear that Moscow will reorganize its forces and resume its offensive.

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This Wednesday, Vladimir Putin showed no sign of compromise, promising that Moscow in Ukraine would achieve all its war objectives.

Said Volodymyr Zhelensky, senior adviser to the President of Ukraine
Financial Times
Any agreement would “indicate the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory”. Ukraine will retain its armed forces, but will be forced to stay out of military alliances such as NATO and will not accept a foreign military base on its border.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said “absolutely specific formulas” were close to the agreement in the talks.

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