War in Ukraine: Sixth straight day of attacks on Moscow and its territory, three drones shot down

The latest attack comes hours after Russian shelling on two villages near Lyman in eastern Ukraine killed three people and wounded two others, according to the head of the local military administration.

A drone “was neutralized by electronic warfare and lost control and crashed into a building under construction in a Moscow city complex,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a telegram, accusing Kiev of being behind the attack.

According to Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyan, several windows of two five-story buildings were damaged, and emergency services were examining the perimeter, he said in his Telegram account.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti earlier reported that an “explosion” was heard in the business district of the city of Moscow, located in the west of the Russian capital, about 5 km from the Kremlin.

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Sixth day in a row

“A building under construction in Moscow suffered minor damage,” TASS reported, citing emergency services.

Images posted on social media, which AFP could not verify, showed smoke rising near the skyscrapers.

Two other devices were destroyed by air defense in the Mozhaisky districts, 12 km from the center of Moscow, and in Khimki, in the capital region, 20 km northwest of the Kremlin. , the Ministry of Defense said.

Air traffic at Moscow’s Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo international airports was briefly halted before resuming, TASS reported, citing emergency services.

Russian territory is now being targeted almost daily by drones, as is Moscow and its territory, and every day since Friday.

On Friday, a craft was shot down by Moscow forces and crashed in the area of ​​the exhibition center adjacent to the skyscrapers of downtown Moscow.

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Over the summer, other planes were destroyed in Moscow, the Russian capital’s most important business district, and in May two drones were shot down near the Kremlin.

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Sea battles

In Ukraine, Russian forces “attacked villages of the Lyman community” in eastern Ukraine, Tuesday evening: “Three people were killed and one wounded in Torske, another civilian was wounded in Zakitne,” wrote the head of the military administration. Pavlo Kyrilenko of the Donetsk region, in Telegram.

“According to preliminary data, the invaders attacked the villages with artillery,” the Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office said on its Facebook page.

Those killed in Torske were two women and a man, aged 63 to 88, who were sitting on a bench during the strike, the prosecutor’s office added.

Moscow also said on Tuesday it had repelled an armed infiltration from Ukraine into the Bryansk border region from its border.

On the Black Sea side, maritime conflicts have escalated since Moscow slammed the door on a deal to export Ukrainian grain, with Russia saying on Tuesday it had “destroyed” two Ukrainian military ships.

Russian defense explained that it had sunk a Ukrainian military ship in the area under its control in the Black Sea, as well as a US-made Ukrainian missile from the Serpent Island launched by Kiev in 2022.

Since Moscow pulled out of a grain deal in July, Russia has stepped up its bombing of Ukrainian port infrastructure. The Russian Navy, which joined forces in 2014, has even targeted an oil tanker or bridges to Crimea with drones.

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Ukraine has also arranged a sea route for the cargo ship “Joseph Schulte”, which arrived in Turkey last week without being attacked by Russia.

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