War in Ukraine: Seized by Russians during annexation of Crimea, ship “Kostyantin Olshansky” was hit by Ukrainian military's Neptune missile.

Ukraine fired a missile at the landing ship Konstantin Olsansky, which was captured by Russia in 2014, Ukrainian Navy spokesman Dmytro Bledenchuk said today, Tuesday morning, March 26.

“Currently, this ship is not combat capable” Dmitro Pletentchouk said on national television on Tuesday, March 26. Russia did not immediately comment on the matter.

When its troops invaded the Crimean peninsula in 2014, Russia seized the ship Konstantin Olsansky from Ukraine along with most of the Ukrainian navy. “It was being renovated and was being prepared for use against Ukraine, so unfortunately the decision was made to attack this ship.” said the speaker.

VC Sayavili, Show Virasily Desantny Kora “Kostyantin Alshansky” Belt https://t.co/EuryMJywB7 pic.twitter.com/CdWNBF22z2

— Ukrashnka Pravda \u270c\ufe0f (@ukrpravda_news) March 26, 2024

The Ukraine-made Neptune anti-ship missile was used for this purpose, he added. Ukraine, which still controls several hundred kilometers of coastline on the Black Sea despite Russian occupation of some of its southern regions, has no major warships.

However, the country has launched a series of attacks on the Russian Black Sea fleet in recent months using missiles or maritime drones. The Ukrainian military said it attacked two more Russian landing craft in Crimea on Sunday.

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