War in Ukraine: Russian troops destroy radioactive waste laboratory in Chernobyl

The laboratory contained “samples of highly active samples and radionuclides”.

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D.After the information BBCRussian troops occupy the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, “plundering and destroying” a laboratory at the site.

Ukraine’s Exempt Zone Management Company, the Russians damaged their central analysis laboratory, which mainly handles radioactive waste.

In a Facebook post, the company points out that in the lab “there were more active specimens and specimens of radionuclides that are in enemy hands today”.

The lab, valued at 6 million euros, also contained “valuable analytical equipment” that the company said was nowhere else in Europe.

Chernobyl, which suffered the worst nuclear accident in the world in 1986, no longer has an operating plant, yet requires constant management.

It was captured by the Russians at the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The soldiers kept the workers at the site for a few weeks, and some were eventually released.

The former nuclear site is of great concern. Earlier this week, the Ukrainian parliament announced a wildfire in the surrounding forest. The fire, which was discovered using satellite imagery, raised fears of radioactive smoke.

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