War in Ukraine: Russian Soldiers, Not Listed, Already Mistreated

Inhumane living conditions, insults by officials, outdated or non-existent equipment: on video Broadcast by independent media The Insider Russian recruits, recently mobilized and sent to the Belgorod region, shout their displeasure on a station platform. “No One Needs Us”says a voice behind the camera.

Some say they were forced to sleep outside for days until they fell ill. One of the soldiers says that five hundred of them lived a week “like cattle”Without provision or allocation to a military unit.

They say they had to pay out of pocket for their food and equipment, with weapons half a century old and written off from warehouses. “We spent a ridiculous amount of money on food, let alone ammunition.”

Since the announcement of Mobilization “area”Elements confirming this lack of evidence are circulating on social networks – a remarkable fact – in the accounts of groups close to the paramilitary group Wagner, who are very upset with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Here, a commander instructs him to come with his bulletproof vest and medical equipment. There, on floats, women volunteer to carry tampons for bullet wounds and sanitary napkins for shoe soles. Here’s a website created to answer questions about the deployment, encouraging soldiers to bring their own night vision goggles and drones to the battlefield. There, a group from Sverdlovsk raised funds to buy first-aid kits, warm clothes and instant noodles for soldiers. reports The Moscow Times.

Russia has the fifth largest defense budget in the world.

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