War in Ukraine: Russian military to build mysterious structure at Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Energatum warns of the dangers posed by this mysterious construction, accusing Russia of preparing a “terrorist act”.

LUkraine’s National Nuclear Regulatory Authority (SNRI) has been accused of illegal work at a nuclear fuel storage facility at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, reports said. Head Ladsday News. The mysterious construction, according to Ukrainian authorities, violates “Ukrainian nuclear and radiation safety standards and regulations,” it says on its website.

The Russian military is barring nuclear plant workers from entering the construction site. So what exactly the Russians are building is unknown.

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Ukrainian nuclear power operator Energoatom has meanwhile warned of the dangers of this mysterious construction. The public agency accuses the Russian military of preparing for “an act of terrorism using nuclear materials and radioactive waste stored at the plant.” Energoatom warns that destroying one of the 173 containers of spent nuclear fuel located at the storage facility “could lead to a radiological accident and radioactive contamination of several hundred square kilometers”.

The Zaporizhia plant, Europe’s largest, has been occupied by Russian troops since early March, but is not far from the border line between Kyiv and Moscow-occupied territories.

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