War in Ukraine: Protests against Russian invasion violently suppressed (videos)

As of 8pm this Wednesday, anti-war rallies in Moscow have led to at least 1,332 arrests.

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LHe was arrested in Russia this Wednesday during an anti-war demonstration in Ukraine. At least 1,332 people were arrested in Russia on Wednesday during intensified demonstrations against regional mobilization for an offensive in Ukraine, an NGO said, as President Vladimir Putin announced this morning.

Thus, on Stary Arbat, one of the pedestrian streets in the center of the Russian capital, a hundred demonstrators gathered against the war in Ukraine. Chanting”
Neat voice
» (no war) or even « Poser (Shame), protesters faced heavy police presence. Police later arrested dozens, often violently.

AFP journalists in Moscow witnessed at least 50 arrests on one of the capital’s central arteries. In St. Petersburg, Russia’s second city, police escorted an entire busload of detainees to the center.

“Why is my future being decided for me? »

“Everyone is scared. I’m for peace, I don’t want to shoot. But it’s too dangerous to go out now, otherwise there would have been a lot more people,” said one protester in St. Petersburg, Vasily Fedorov, a student wearing a peace sign on his chest. Alexei Zavarki, 60, regrets the police’s immediate response to the rallies. “I came to participate, but it seems that they have already put everyone on board,” he said: “I don’t know where we are going, this regime has signed its death warrant, destroying the youth “. “Why do you serve Putin? A man who has been on the throne for 20 years!” another protester shouted at the police. “I’m afraid for me and my brother, who is 25 years old and has done his military service. Let’s call it,” explains student Oksana Sidorenko. “Why is my future being decided for me? 20-year-old Alina Skvortsova, Russians, the nature of the Kremlin attack in Ukraine.” “Once they really understand, despite their fear, they will take to the streets.”

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The Russian Interior Ministry, quoted by the Interfax agency, said it had suppressed “attempts to organize unauthorized gatherings” in the evening. “All were stopped and the perpetrators of these violations were arrested and taken to regional police units for investigation and legal action,” he said. In his address to the nation on Wednesday morning, Mr. Putin ordered a partial mobilization of Russian reserves for an offensive in Ukraine and vowed to use “all means” in his arsenal against the West.

Following Vladimir Putin’s speech, such protests were organized on social media in thirty-eight cities across the country starting at 7 p.m. These are the largest demonstrations since the invasion began in late February. Everything was banned, everything was suppressed.

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