War in Ukraine: “Physical integrity of Zaporizhia nuclear power plant violated”

“The physical integrity of the plant has been repeatedly violated,” he told media when he returned to Kyiv-controlled territory with part of the IAEA mission.

“We don’t have the elements to assess this” but “it’s something that cannot continue,” he added.

Several members of the mission will stay until “Sunday or Monday” to conduct an in-depth study of the situation at the power station, Europe’s largest and site that has been bombed several times raising fears of a nuclear holocaust, Mr. “We have a lot of work to do here to analyze some of the technical aspects.”

The IAEA wants to “establish a continued presence” at the plant beyond this date, he said, without further details.

Mr. who arrived at the plant the day before from the city of Zaporizhia, which is about 120 kilometers away. Grossi said he saw “a lot of things” in the “four or five hours” he spent there.

“We were able to see the whole site. I was in the units (reactors, editor’s note), I saw the emergency system and other areas, control rooms”, he listed all, praising the Ukrainian workers who continued to work. At the plant since it was occupied by the Russian army in March.

“Obviously they are in a difficult situation, but they have an incredible level of professionalism,” argued Mr Croci.

He finally described the “pretty tough situation” of his crew, hearing heavy fire while crossing the front line to the plant.

“There were times when the shooting was clear, heavy machine guns, artillery, mortar two or three times, we were very worried,” admitted Raffaele Grassi.

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