War in Ukraine: No more “non-flying area”, but “advanced” equipment

The crisis meeting of NATO defense ministers laid the groundwork for the extraordinary summit scheduled for next Thursday in Brussels with Joe Biden. The Allies want to help Ukraine negotiate with the Kremlin, which is backed by recorded victories on the battlefield. So the supply of sophisticated weapons continues, but opposition to the Russian Air Force will involve NATO in a devastating war against Russia.

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Journalist in the World Service

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IHis message was clear. And powerful. Last Sunday, when Russian ship missiles crashed into the Ukrainian military base Yavori with an accuracy of 15 km from the Polish border, everyone understood the warning: the attacks were carried out in the air by Russian bombers.

Moscow showcased its offensive capabilities with a mortar fire from NATO territory. The Kremlin attacked a base where military trainers and now volunteers from NATO countries were staying. Russia has demonstrated its ability to target convoys of military equipment sent by Western nations to the Ukrainian opposition from the west of the country. And, above all, Moscow confirmed that this famous “no-fly zone”, loudly and clearly demanded by President Gelensky, would force some allies capable of enforcing it into a leading war against Russia, even on its territory.

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