War in Ukraine: New sanctions against Russia, new aid to Ukraine, worse traces of massacre (retrieve thread of the day)

  • Ukraine needs weapons from NATO countries, Calls on kyiv to prepare for a massive offensive from the east of the country. This is the “last chance” to vacate.

  • Investigation into the Poucha massacre, “Next step”To the UN, whose ambassador went to the site and visited the site and the mass graves.

  • The German intelligence services (BND) recorded the radio communications of Russian soldiers: They are the biggest for the Russians. We specifically ask, “We interrogate soldiers first and then kill them.”

  • Russia continues to commit ‘atrocities’ in Ukraine ‘now’America believes

  • The 193-member UN General Assembly suspended Russia from its seat on Thursday The United Nations Human Rights Council voted 93 in favor.

  • New US, G7 and EU sanctions against Russia: The United States on Thursday officially suspended trade between Russia and Belarus, paving the way for penalties. The European Union has approved a ban on Russian coal.

  • Moscow acknowledges ‘significant military losses’

  • Pro-Russian officials say “about 5,000” civilians have been killed in Mariupol

  • The European Union is providing another 500 million euros in arms supplies to Ukraine

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