War in Ukraine: New round of US sanctions while Zelensky is on tour in the US

The US announced a new round of sanctions aimed atWar machine“Russia has pleaded with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Washington to support the new aid package.

The sanctions are meant to circumvent sanctions already in place against Russia since its February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, targeting individuals and companies suspected of funding or funding the Russian defense sector in the war in Ukraine.The Kremlin has gradually turned Russia into a war economy, but Putin’s war machine cannot survive on domestic production alone.“Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was quoted as saying in a press release that the sanctions are targeting about 150 individuals and companies.”Our sanctions continue to tighten their grip on third-country suppliers and networks that provide Russia with the materials it desperately needs to build and maintain its military-industrial complex.“, she adds.

Collectively, the US State Department announced sanctions targeting 100 individuals and entities. Washington sanctions on certain individuals and entities based in China, Russia, Hong Kong and Pakistan.In the production and supply of Chinese weapons and technology“, which cited Chinese national Hu Xiaoxun and his security firm Jarvis HK Co. and a network of associates. The sanctions include freezing assets owned by targeted individuals and companies in the United States and banning any U.S. person. A company that carries out transactions targeted by the sanctions could, in turn, be subject to sanctions. under.

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