War in Ukraine: “I was buried alive by the Russians, my brother was lying on top of me”

“I’m lucky,” says Mykola Kulichenko From CNN, Facing the grave where he lay dead in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine. The 33-year-old man was captured by Russian forces last March at his home in the village of Tovjik. Mykola and his two brothers, suspected of involvement in the Russian column bombing, were taken to a basement, where they were subjected to several days of rigorous interrogation.

Claiming his innocence, the 30-year-old thinks he will be released very soon. But he realizes in hours that the Russians are determined to make him a criminal. The techniques used are becoming more and more violent. “They hit me all over my body with a metal bar and put a gunshot in my mouth,” Mykola told CNN. He loses consciousness and does not support the abuse inflicted on him. When he gets up, his legs and arms are tied with duct tape. His eyes are blindfolded. He notices that he is in a vehicle. His brothers are by his side.

When they reached the target, the Russian soldiers quickly chased them out of the van. All three are on their knees and immobile. Mykola hears her prisoners moaning around her. But he did not know that humans were digging his grave. The first shot is heard behind the Ukrainian. If he has not seen anything yet, he quickly realizes that the bullet struck one of his brothers, and his body is near him. After the soldiers kill his second brother, they target Mykola. But the bullet enters his cheek and exits next to his right ear.

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After claiming he was dead, the 30-year-old was thrown into a ditch with his two brothers. His legs and arms were still tied when his assailants covered his body with soil. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “I was buried alive. I had trouble breathing because my brother was lying on top of me, but using my hands and knees I was able to push him aside and eventually get out,” he continued. Ukraine CNN.

If Mykola can tell its story now, it is because Russian forces have now left the Chernihiv region. Meanwhile, a war crimes investigation has been opened by the regional prosecutor’s office. CNN has confirmed that two brothers in their thirties were found dead with their hands and feet tied and their eyes blindfolded. “This story should be heard not only in Ukraine, but all over the world, because it happens here and is one of many scandals. Others.”

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