War in Ukraine: How the CIA Helped Save the Life of President Zhelensky

Since the start of the war in Ukraine more than two months ago, President Volodymyr Zhelensky has been the target of several assassination attempts. He would have escaped a dozen attempts Of mercenaries Or Russian soldiers, according to the New York Post.

If the Ukrainian president is still alive, it’s thanks to the CIA’s invaluable assistance, according to an article in the US channel NBC News. Americans are involved in the conflict not only through their financial and military assistance, but also through intelligence sharing. Hearing system, satellite information, human resources … The United States is deploying huge resources to help Ukraine.

NBC News collected evidence from officials and former agents of US intelligence. They say such a large amount of classified information has never been shared with a non-NATO country.

The latter specifically explained that the information given helped the Ukrainians to seal the aerial equipment, thanks to the precise signs of the coming Russian strikes. A spokesman for the White House National Security Council said, “We continue to provide comprehensive and timely intelligence to Ukrainians on the battlefield to defend their country against Russian aggression. We will continue to do so.”

Information that allows Ukrainians to defend themselves, but attack. From the beginning of the conflict, the Pentagon’s intelligence made it possible to direct Ukrainian attacks on Russian aircraft. The Russians occupied the airport for a time, but could not control it until the equipment was brought in.

The CIA is also trying Defend Zelensky. The agency advises the Ukrainians on the “best way to move” the leader, “making sure he is not on the same premises as his entire command chain,” a U.S. official explained. In the early days of the invasion, President Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, warned his allies about the threats facing Zhelensky: members of the Russian Special Forces are in the Kyiv region with the task of shooting down the president. Thanks to American signs, the Ukrainians were able to eliminate the Russian invaders.

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