War in Ukraine: End of war possible ‘only if Kiev ends hostilities’, Russia reaffirms

Only Kiev’s capitulation would end the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Moscow reaffirmed on Monday, two days after a meeting on the conflict in Saudi Arabia prevented progress on its resolution.

We strongly believe that a truly comprehensive, lasting and just solution is only possible if the Queue regime puts an end to hostilities and terrorist attacks.“, Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hammered in a press release.

Demilitarization and Destruction of Ukraine

New regional realities (in eastern and southern Ukraine, editor’s note) must be recognized, militarization and rejection of Ukraine. […] To be confirmed“, she demanded,”Confirmation“in”The original foundation of Ukraine’s sovereignty: its neutral, non-aligned and non-nuclear status“.

These demands, already made when Moscow launched its military offensive in February 2022, were swept away by Kyiv.

Zakharova’s comments came two days after Saudi Arabia held a meeting on Ukraine in Jeddah, inviting Western representatives and representatives of emerging powers closer to Moscow without the presence of Russia.

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