War in Ukraine: Did the Ukrainians Really Break the Churovykin Line? ‘They are advancing’

It is necessary”push the walls” Both sides. Without this, if the strip of recaptured land is too narrow, the Ukrainians risk being shot. “Also, without the solidity of the logistics line behind it, too rapid a turnaround in depth should not be allowed.Alain de Nève concludes, Researcher at the Royal High Defense Institution. These are reserves that Ukrainians must find with limited resources..”

The Ukrainians claim to have succeeded in breaking through the first Russian defense lines at the site, which is part of a complex of fortifications.Surovik’s line“Named after the commander-in-chief of the Russian forces in Ukraine between October 2022 and January 2023. According to him, the first line was too difficult to pass. Ukrainian General Oleksandr TarnovskyIn charge of the counter-offensive in the South, believes GuardianThat Russia dedicated 60% of time and resources are spent on building the first line of defense And only 20% on second and third lines, because Moscow did not expect Ukrainian forces to break through. Also published the same opinion ISW Before.

Could the rest really be that easy? Before answering this question, let’s focus on these popular security measures. There was confusion as to whether they were actually drilled. Tweet below, Especially taken up by analysts studying Russian security networksExplain: “The first part of the defenses is the battle zone, where almost every tree line is fortified. It is heavily incised and mainly consists of small trenches and fighting holes (a hole used as a shelter or firing position, author’s note)Sometimes very large.”

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