War in Ukraine: Death toll rises in Makhivka attack, at least 89 Russian soldiers killed

In a rare admission, the Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged on Monday that 63 soldiers had died in a Ukrainian attack on New Year’s Eve. The number has since gone up to 89.

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LThe death toll from Ukraine’s New Year’s Eve attack on a building where Russian soldiers were gathered in Makhivka, eastern Ukraine, has risen to 89, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday evening.

“The number of our dead comrades has reached 89,” Gen. Sergey Chevryukov said in a video statement released by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Fresh bodies were recovered from the rubble, he said.

“A commission is currently investigating the circumstances of the attack,” he added. “But it is already clear that, contrary to the prohibition, the main reason is the switching on and massive use of mobile phones by personnel within the range of enemy weapons (…),” the general explained.

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In a rare admission, the Russian Defense Ministry on Monday acknowledged that 63 soldiers were killed in a New Year’s Eve Ukrainian attack on a building where they had gathered in the Russian-occupied town of Makivka in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk (east). ), its link says Moscow. kyiv is pushing a very high balance sheet.

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A rally was held in Russia on Tuesday to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers. Their deaths caused a shock wave of criticism against the military.

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