War in Ukraine: Biden calls Putin a “butcher” but backs down

Joe Biden criticizes Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Ukrainian refugees. The president’s comments were later confirmed by a White House official a few minutes after his statement.

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IUS President Joe Biden has violently attacked his Russian envoy, Vladimir Putin, calling him a “butcher” and declaring that he “cannot stay in power” after his invasion of Ukraine, prompting an immediate statement from the White House.

“We have a different future, a brighter future, democracy and principles rooted in hope and light, dignity and honor, freedom and opportunity. For the love of God, this man cannot rule, “said the US President.

But the report was qualified by a White House official a few minutes later who made it clear that he was not calling for a “regime change” by the president.

“What the president means is that Putin cannot be allowed to wield power over his neighbors or the region. He did not talk about Putin’s power or regime change in Russia,” the official said.

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Biden’s report did not go well in the Kremlin. “The US president can not decide who will be in power in Russia,” spokeswoman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters. “The president of Russia is elected by the Russians,” he said.

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