War in Ukraine: Belgium to send F-16s to Denmark in March to train Ukrainian pilots

Belgium will send two two-seat F-16s to Denmark and Kiev is looking forward to sending about fifty people between March and September to participate in the training of Ukrainian pilots on these planes, we learned from the Ministry of Defense on Thursday.

This training is part of the mission.Coalition F-16“, which brings together thirteen countries, including Belgium – under the leadership of Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States. It aims to supply the Ukrainian Air Force with this type of fighter-bomber, an older model, A (single-seat) and B (two-seat) used in Ukraine in the 1980s and 1990s. Built and trained crews capable of fielding these aircraft to fight a Russian invasion.

Training of Ukrainian pilots is to take place in Romania, Denmark, USA and UK, six of them completed the training just before Christmas.Basic“, including English lessons.

Norway announced on Wednesday that it will send two F-16s to the Danish air base of Skrydstrup, where Ukrainians will be trained to fly the planes.

The Air Force will do the same, according to the Defense Press Service. Two Belgian F-16Bs will be stationed there from March to September, for eight weeks, with up to fifty personnel. Not only pilots, but also Ukrainian technicians and mission planners will be trained, the same source said. Personnel will come from the 2nd and 10th Tactical Divisions, based in Florence and Klein-Broeckel (Limburg), respectively.

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