War in Ukraine: Another mass grave was discovered in Borodianka

Charles Michael flew to Borodianka, west of the Ukrainian capital, on Wednesday, where Ukrainian officials say civilians were victims of “massacres” by Russians.

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LThe bodies of nine civilians were found on Wednesday in Borodianka, near Kiev, with some showing “signs of torture,” the Ukrainian capital police announced from Wednesday to Thursday night. “These people were killed by the occupiers (Russians) and some of the victims show signs of torture,” local police chief Andrei Nepitov said on Facebook.

The “civilian massacre” was reported when Russian forces occupied the city in March, according to Porodianka, Q.

“There were two 35-year-old men in a ditch, and next to them was a 15-year-old woman,” Nepidov said.

Before adding: “In another, police found the bodies of six people: four men and two women” whom they could “identify as residents of the city”.

“The Russian military has deliberately killed civilians who have not expressed any opposition to them,” he said, adding that the bodies of the victims had been “taken to morgues in the Kyiv region for assessment.”

According to Nepito, forensic scientists and investigators examined both graves.

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He also pointed out that “the police in the Kiev region are constantly investigating the alleged crimes of Ukrainians against the Russians.”

Since the withdrawal of Moscow’s troops from the Kyiv region three weeks ago, the bodies of hundreds of civilians have been found by Ukrainian authorities, who have condemned with the West the “war crimes” of Russian soldiers occupying the city. Accusation formally rejected by Russia.

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