War in Ukraine: 20 civilians shot dead in their cars

At least 20 civilians were shot dead in their cars near Kubyansk in northeastern Ukraine, regional governor Oleg Sinekobov announced on Saturday.

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UA convoy of cars with dead civilians was found. According to preliminary data, 20 people died in these cars,” he said in Telegram. According to him, “the (Russian) occupiers attacked these civilians who were trying to escape the bomb blasts”.

“This is cruelty without any justification,” he said.

The governor of the Kharkiv region where the bodies were found, Mr. According to Sinekopov, “police and experts went to the scene” and “the investigation is ongoing”.

On Friday, an AFP team found the bodies of at least 11 civilians, shot to death in their cars, on a road abandoned by the Russians who withdrew from the region last week.

The convoy seen by AFP on Friday was precisely on a road starting from the village of Kyrilivka, 70 km east of Kharkiv.

At that location, the bodies were in or next to six vehicles. A minibus was completely engulfed in flames, with four bodies, one of which appeared to be in a child’s seat.

The site where the dozens of civilians were found is the site of recent fighting between Ukrainians and Russians, as Kiev’s forces launch a major counteroffensive in the region.

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Facing significant military difficulties, the Russian soldiers retreated further east across the Oskil River, but the Ukrainians managed to cross it, marking a major victory for Kiev.

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