Vladimir Putin’s silence has been able to find out.

An intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from Russia while US President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Q.

According to CNN, a senior official said the test did not pose a danger to the United States and that the US did not consider the test an anomaly or an escalation.


The test of the SARMAT heavy missile, nicknamed Satan II in the West and capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads, failed. Several trials have already been successfully conducted. Putin later referred to these exploits in speeches. That would lead to the conclusion that this test has failed. Vladimir Putin made no mention of it when he spoke publicly for nearly 2 hours on Tuesday.

CNN first reported the raid while Joe Biden was in Ukraine. A source said the test would take place on Monday without giving a specific time.

According to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, on Sunday evening, hours before Biden’s visit to Kyiv, US officials informed the Russians that the president would travel to the Ukrainian capital.

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