“Vladimir Putin is really shocked”

It’s been more than a month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and no way out. As the fighting continues, there is a drag on the negotiations. Negotiations between the two sides resumed in Istanbul on Tuesday, March 29, but hopes of reaching an agreement are dim. Ukrainians are afraid to see their country “Korean style” should be cut in half, The Russians announced their focus on the east of the country. The eyes are quiet and always turn to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The audience wonders about the mood Joe Biden called himself a “butcher.” And its future plans. According to Mikhail Kodarkovsky, the former chief executive of Yukos, who knows Putin well, we should not deceive ourselves that “he is already at war with NATO.” “When Macron or Scholes leave to emphasize that they are not at war with Russia, Putin shrugs and he has long thought the opposite,” he added. In an interview Figaro Who was Russia’s richest man before spending 10 years in prison for opposing the regime.

He said that if he felt that the leader of the Kremlin was “too emotional” he was completely “rational”. However, “it will help him to appear and scare no more,” he said. As Russian setbacks on the battlefield In Ukraine, Mr. Kodarkovsky described Putin as the result of a loneliness that engulfed him. “He knew very badly about the spirit that revived the Ukrainians, about the state of his army. This is common to dictatorial regimes. I think he really fell from the clouds,” the protester continued with our colleagues. Figaro.

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“Russian president risks fall in two years”

To Mikhail Kodarkovsky, TheThe effect of conflict This will be crucial for the future of the Russian president. “If he fails to believe in a victory in Ukraine, Putin is in danger of falling within two years,” he said. He also pointed out the importance of the current situation in the mind of the Kremlin leader. “Putin has always been the leader of a mob,” the opponent described. “There he found a mission, which is common to the Mafia. At the end of their existence, they have bizarre ideas to justify the life they lived.”

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