Violent Police Intervention Filmed in France After ‘Strong Refusal to Comply’ (VIDEO)

This weekend, a video showing violent police intervention in the Hauts-de-Seine was widely viewed on X (formerly Twitter).

In this very short video, a car with flashing lights hits a man. Two men, one a policeman in uniform and the other in civilian clothes, pounced on the lone man, pinned him to the ground and immobilized him, pressing his face into the pavement.

One person was taken into custody and the case was not specified if it was the person seen on the ground in the footage.

The Nanterre public prosecutor’s office, asked about the video of the violent arrest in Hauts-de-Seine, indicated that “an investigation has been launched following facts that specifically refused to comply in Bagneux”.

The Hauts-de-Seine prefecture, contacted by AFP, indicated that the man on the two-wheeler “refused to comply, lit a fire and then hit a police car”. According to Le Parisien, the driver got off his bike before being caught by the police.

According to the provincial council, two police officers were injured and were prescribed Total Incapacity for Work (ITT) for one and seven days.

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