“Very bad news for the environment”: Glyphosate authorization renewed in Europe for ten years

The European Commission has renewed the authorization of glyphosate by farmers for 10 years following a referendum by member states that failed to reach a majority on the fate of the controversial herbicide.

This substance, widely used by European farmers and found in the famous Monsanto Roundup, is classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Nature lovers’ association Natagora, which is campaigning for its ban, has made no secret of its disappointment.

“Maintenance of glyphosate is an environmental concern because it is the only substance classified as a total herbicide. This means that all plants affected by the substance will die. Certainly, when glyphosate is applied, the entire ecosystem is affected: Mesicol plants (editor’s note: found in fields like poppies and cornflowers) (plants) birds and butterflies etc. Studies have shown that insects in a natural reserve located two kilometers away from a field treated with glyphosate are contaminated.Kayden Cheney, Agricultural Advocacy Manager at Natagora explains.

“Without nature, without shelter”: Natagora’s new visual shock campaign

The expert is also surprised by the news. “Of course there has been very significant lobbying from this sector, but despite a citizens’ initiative and positions shared by many states, I am surprised that the EU has not taken the right decision.

He believes that maintaining the approval of glyphosate by farmers favors its use among individuals.

“Even if the use of glyphosate by individuals is prohibited, we know that individuals are getting their supplies from people who have access to glyphosate. So the ban is lifted,” he said.

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Nearly 300 Belgian and Dutch scientists have called for a ban on glyphosate

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