Venezuelan Vice President meets Russia’s “good friend” Lavrov

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She said in a Twitter message that Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met on Thursday to review the strategic alliance between their countries and discuss the “complex” international situation.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin since Moscow launched an invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Primero Justicia holds a sign showing the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
(Photo by FEDERICO PARRA/AFP via Getty Images)

The meeting between Rodriguez and Lavrov took place five days after US officials met Maduro and suggested that Caracas hand over some of its oil exports to the United States as part of a deal to ease sanctions on the OPEC member.

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We had a meeting with our dear friend Sergey Lavrov. We reviewed our bilateral strategic relations and the complex international scenario.”

“Venezuela reiterated the principle of sovereign equality of states as a means of maintaining a balance for peace,” she added, without elaborating on further details.

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro
((Maxim Shemetov/AFP/Getty Images))

Earlier, Sergey Malik Bagdasarov, Russia Ambassador To Venezuela, he wrote in a Twitter message that the meeting took place in Antalya, Turkey, and posted a photo of Rodriguez and Lavrov walking hand in hand.

He did not mention the details of the meeting, which the Venezuelan Foreign Minister said Felix Placencia Also attended.

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The Venezuelan Ministry of Communications and Information did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Russian tanks destroyed on a main road

Russian tanks destroyed on a main road
(AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Maduro It accused NATO and the United States of causing a crisis over Ukraine, arguing that they had violated the Minsk agreements aimed at ending the conflict that began in 2014 between pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and the Kyiv government.


Placencia will participate in a forum on diplomacy in the Turkish city from Friday to Sunday, according to a message posted on the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account.

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