Valorant on PS5 will not support gyroscopic aiming, to ensure Xbox players are not put at a disadvantage

The PlayStation 5 version of Valorant will not support gyroscopic aiming, because developer Riot Games doesn’t want to put Xbox players at a disadvantage.

While discussing modifications made for the upcoming console versions of the game on X, a follower asked product management lead Coleman Palm if the game would support gyroscopic aiming.

“No gyro support for the controller, no,” he replied. “It’s a great technique though, and I also want to play with it more.”

After one user suggested that gyroscopic aiming is a “blind spot” for some developers despite it being the most mouse-like way to aim on console, Palm noted that this was not an oversight, but rather a conscious decision.

“It’s not a blind spot for us [for what it’s worth]He explained that it is not supported on Xbox consoles at all.

“If we relied too heavily on gyro being ‘how to play’ on console, we would strongly prefer PS5 over Xbox, which we don’t want to do.

After it was suggested that support for gyroscopic controls was not necessarily favoritism, Palm said that while he agreed in principle that the team wanted to focus on creating a control system that would support all console players for the time being.

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He explained: “I am not directly opposed to supporting him.” “We just wanted to focus innovations on more standard control models out of the gate to support players on both platforms. There are some people who are internally very passionate about Gyro and have been for a while.

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Riot announced during Summer Game Fest that Valorant is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

players You can register now To participate in a closed beta test that will start on June 14.