US Presidential Election 2024: Robert F. Here is Kennedy Jr.'s choice for Vice President

The 38-year-old lawyer, philanthropist and investor from the San Francisco area is known in Silicon Valley as the founder of a foundation that gives millions of dollars to progressive causes and the “No. 2” company in the patent industry. Raised in a modest environment by a Chinese mother with a depressed father, she was notably the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, whom she met at a yoga festival.

After donating money to Joe Biden's campaign in 2020, he turned to the son-in-law of “JFK” and former Attorney General Robert Kennedy from 2023, for its environmental responsibilities and skepticism about vaccines. In a recent interview The New York TimesShe refused to describe herself.” Anti-Wax ”, but requires additional controls on serums. She has an autistic child.

A Kennedy could derail the presidential aspirations of Joe Biden and Donald Trump

He already has his hand in his pocket for his 70-year-old anti-establishment candidacy. In particular, he donated four million dollars to air a campaign spot in February during the Super Bowl in 2024, which will be watched by more than 123 million people in the United States. The thirty-second ad “JFK's” presidential campaign in 1960 drew the ire of the Kennedy clan against the candidacy of a former Democratic environmental lawyer accused of playing into Donald Trump's hands.

A neophyte in politics, like her partner, Nicole Shanahan remains the usual choice given other options. In recent weeks, RFK Jr. has indicated that he has reached out to various personalities in the world of entertainment and sports to act as his partner. Among them, Aaron Rodgers, an American football player, is a fan of conspiracy theories.

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In addition to opening her address book, Nicole Shanahan must help Kennedy run for president in states he has never been to. Indeed, across the Atlantic, candidates must make arrangements with each state and territory to have their names appear on their ballots. An expensive process that required collecting a large number of signatures from voters across the territory. Additionally, many states require independent candidates to have a running mate. For now, RFK Jr. has qualified only in Utah.

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