US President Joe Biden receives his Israeli PM, hailing the ‘unbreakable’ relationship between the two countries.

Joe Biden welcomed his Israeli counterpart Isaac Herzog to the White House on Tuesday, hailing a relationship “Immortal“With Israel despite tensions Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and its judicial reform.

The Israeli president, who plays a mainly ceremonial role, was greeted in the Oval Office by saying he had arrived with “”Thank you and thank you from all sides of the political spectrum“When the President of the United States imposed taxes”Terrorists“Some members of the Israeli government. He further mentioned”Lively discussion“In reference to this controversial judicial reform prevailing in his country today, when the press begins:”I reiterate clearly, very clearly, that Israeli democracy is healthy, strong and resilient.Already welcomed by the US President in October 2022, Mr. Herzog is in Washington on a two-day visit and is scheduled to address both houses of Congress in full session on Wednesday.

The visit is an opportunity for Washington to show its support for all.Immovable“For Israel’s ally but the shadow of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hangs over the move. Relations between the US and Israel have actually deteriorated since Mr. Netanyahu returned to power in December. – Right parties.

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