UNITED STATES: Participants of Burning Man festival stranded in the middle of the desert by rain, urged to provide water and food.

Attendees of US alternative festival Burning Man were unable to enter or exit the site in the Nevada desert on Saturday after heavy rain turned the venue into a muddy mess and forced organizers to close.

Black Rock City’s gates and airport (site name, editor’s note) will be closed, and all entry or exit will be delayed until further notice.“, the Burning Man account X (formerly Twitter) repeated at regular intervals since midnight. Organizers also invited participants already on the site.Stock up on water, food and fuel and find warm, safe shelter“.

Police in the US state of Nevada (west) were investigating Saturday’s death in the desert after heavy rains turned the Burning Man festival into a mudslide.

One death occurred during this heavy rain“, the local sheriff’s office said in a statement without providing additional information to media on site.

Due to heavy rain,”the beach“, the grand esplanade characteristic of the event has been rendered impassable. If the rain stops during the day, they should return on Sunday, the last day of the festival, while the temperature should drop by about 10 degrees during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Always according to the organizers’ calculations.

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