United States: A man walks into the Colorado Supreme Court and opens fire

A gunman forced his way into the US state Supreme Court building in Colorado, opened fire and caused significant damage before being arrested, local police said on Tuesday.

The court recently declared Donald Trump ineligible to run for president in the state, but police in the western U.S. state of Colorado said no connection to the shooting has been proven. The events took place in Denver overnight from Monday to Tuesday: an unidentified man was seen involved in a car accident, at which point he pointed his gun at another driver. He then fired a gun at the window of the Supreme Court building, threatening an unarmed security guard. The suspect then proceeded to the 6th floor of the building, where he fired multiple shots, police said.

He surrendered to law enforcement about two hours later. “There is significant and widespread damage to the building. The case is still ongoing“, said the police, who did not report any injuries.”At this time, it is believed to be unrelated to previous threats against Colorado Supreme Court justices.” she added.

On December 19, the Colorado Supreme Court declared Donald Trump unfit for the presidency because of his attitude during the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol in Washington. This shocking decision followed another similar decision by the US government. Maine on December 28. The US Supreme Court will ask the nation's highest court to decide the question in the coming months.

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