Unidentified object entered Polish airspace from Ukraine | War in Ukraine

The Polish military announced that an unidentified object had entered Polish airspace from the border with Ukraine on Friday morning. An incident that could be linked to a wave of Russian strikes against neighboring countries.

“The material came from the border of Ukraine,” Colonel Jacek Koriszewski, a spokesman for the Armed Forces' operational command, told the TVN24 television channel. “There was heavy shelling over Ukrainian territory last night, so this incident may be related to that.”

He said the airspace violation occurred near the eastern border town of Zamosc.

The “unidentified object” was tracked by radar “from crossing the border to the point where the signal disappeared,” the operational command said in a statement.

This happened “in the morning” and “all available forces and means were employed”, according to this text.

Colonel Koriszewski said a search was underway where the radio signal was lost.

Two deaths in November 2022

In November 2022, a missile hit the Polish village of Przewodow, killing two people. According to the US, the missile may have been an air defense missile fired by Ukrainian forces at a Russian missile.

The blast at a grain drying facility near a school about six kilometers from the Ukrainian border came as Russia carried out massive strikes on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure across Ukraine.

Before its origin could be identified, the missile landed on a Polish village, raising fears that NATO could be drawn into the conflict in a major escalation of the war in Ukraine, where Poland is protected by the NATO-led coalition's collective security commitment.

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