UNICEF warns: 120 babies in incubators at risk of dying in Gaza if Israel doesn’t allow fuel shipments

Fuel shortages in the Gaza Strip are affecting the operation of more than 120 incubators for premature babies, according to a United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) tally reported to AFP on Sunday.

After more than two weeks of fighting between Hamas and Israel, hospitals in the narrow Palestinian territory are facing severe shortages of supplies to care for the thousands of wounded who are being flooded, humanitarian organizations warn. “Currently we have more than 120 newborns in incubators, 70 of them are on mechanical ventilation, and of course, we are especially concerned for them.“, UNICEF spokesman in Jerusalem Jonathan Griggs told AFP.

Israel has cut off electricity and is running out of fuel

effect”Complete seating“On October 7, two days after the unprecedented Hamas attack on the country was announced by Israel, electricity was cut off to the Gaza Strip. So the territory mainly uses generators, which require electricity to operate. Fuel, no longer enters.

The World Health Organization (WHO) asked Israel during a press conference in Geneva on Thursday to authorize the provision of power to hospital generators and water stations as part of humanitarian aid.

“small doses”

But if Israel gives the green light to humanitarian aid, including a limited delivery from Egypt that began on Saturday, fuel has been excluded. The UN on Saturday stressed the need to transport fuel to Gaza as well.

The WHO said that hospitals in Kazan had already exhausted their reserves. “What remains is a small amount of fuel“Used”A few days should seriously try to provide“Additional Power Supply”Where can it be done?“, said Michael Ryan, Director of the Health Emergencies Program at WHO.

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Other reserves are allocated to hospital generators to maintain essential maintenance. Premature babies are treated in seven neonatal units across the Gaza Strip. “If kept in mechanically ventilated incubators (incubators, editor’s note), we are concerned about their survival from the moment the power is cut off.” said Mr. Griggs.

The health ministry in Gaza, controlled by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, said on Saturday that 130 premature babies “in mortal danger“Due to lack of fuel.

Conflict for children and pregnant women

About 160 women give birth in Gaza every day, according to the United Nations Population Fund, which estimates that 50,000 pregnant women currently live in the territory. Gaza’s 2.4 million residents face a severe humanitarian crisis.

Israel swore to herself”to exterminate“Hamas – classified as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel – after the movement launched an unprecedented attack on its territory from Gaza on October 7.

More than 1,400 people have been killed in Israel by Hamas militants since Oct. 7, mostly civilians, according to Israeli officials.
According to the Hamas-run Health Ministry, about 4,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died in relentless Israeli retaliatory attacks on Gaza. There are 1,756 children in this report.

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