Under the influence of an exodus in France, Imam Iquoussen probably “on the plane of Belgium”.

Imam Hassan Iqusen was due to be extradited to Morocco, but he has been declared a fugitive and is now on the wanted list. The police who came to his house on Tuesday after the Rajya Sabha result did not find him.

The president of Hauts-de-France, Georges-François Leclerc, said he may have fled to Belgium. “The favorable scenario today is Mr. Iquiscen’s flight to Belgium,” the governor announced during a press conference, qualifying the pastor who was subjected to “crime” comments contrary to the values ​​of the republic. Because “he escaped the deportation order”.

“There are two scenarios: an enforceable extradition order and Mr. Iquiscen, who is referred to the judicial authority, is abroad, in which case international cooperation takes place, or if he is on French territory. If arrested, he will immediately be placed in administrative detention,” he explained.

After two “home visits” organized in Lourches, where the imam lives, the prefect said on Tuesday evening that he had “captured the case of the Valenciennes court” which “did not fail”.

One of the preacher’s sons told reporters on Tuesday evening that his father was not at the address and did not know where he was.

Mr. Iquisson’s home was “under surveillance,” Mr. Leclerc was underlined, but he “could have been in many places”. “Surveillance of his house was disproportionate to the investigative powers enjoyed by the police services in the administrative structure,” he submitted.

Morocco allows and suspends its “consular pass”.

Morocco has suspended the “consular pass” it issued on Aug. 1 to allow Imam Hassan Iqusen to be extradited to the country by France, AFP learned Wednesday from a source familiar with the matter. This source close to Morocco explained the decision by the fact that “there was no consultation with the Moroccan authorities”, the day after the Council of State decision opened the way for his expulsion. The expulsion decision was “unilateral”, it added.

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In the home minister’s entourage, the validity period of a pass was recalled as “60 days”, Mr. He insisted that the document, which had no other function than to formalize Morocco’s recognition of Iqusens, would be unintelligible. Citizenship will be terminated”.

“How can we one day recognize the nationality of one of its countrymen, and the next day no longer recognize it?”, wondered Gerald Dorman’s entourage.

Born in France, Hassan Iqusen took Moroccan nationality from his parents and did not choose French nationality as an adult. The 58-year-old continues to live in France. He has five children and 15 grandchildren, all French.

In the face of Rabat’s blockade, another source familiar with the matter, Mr. A meeting between Darman and Moroccan officials was noted at the end of the day.

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