Ukrainian technique to reveal the extent of their losses to the Russians: “A month ago we could not even imagine it.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov announced on Wednesday that Ukraine has decided to equip itself with an “automated call system for Russia” using facial recognition to reveal the extent of their military casualties to the Russians.

“Today, we use artificial intelligence, searching profiles of Russian soldiers on social networks based on their bodies (pictures) and informing friends and relatives of their deaths,” he said. Fedorov explained on Facebook. “We are making automatic calls to Russia to tell the truth about the Russian killers,” he added, before leaving: “a month ago we started doing things we could never have imagined”.

The Deputy Prime Minister explained, “Eliminating the myth of a ‘special operation’ in which ‘no compulsion participates’ and ‘no one dies’.

Russia officially called the February 24 invasion a “special military operation.” The use of the word “war” in this country to describe this intervention is to be prosecuted. On March 9, Moscow acknowledged for the first time that there were detainees in Ukraine, and that many of them were being held captive, claiming that only professional soldiers were fighting there. In this regard, President Vladimir Putin promised before this date that he would not send any forced or reserved persons to Ukraine, saying that only “professionals” have the task of fulfilling the “set goals”.

From the first days of the invasion of Ukraine, the media and NGOs announced that young Russians were old enough to serve in the military. In addition, calls from mothers without news of sons sent to Ukraine have multiplied on social networks.

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