Ukrainian intelligence reveals their plans: “We’re trying to kill Putin, that’s the first thing”

If this information, which neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians have confirmed or denied, is taken with a grain of salt, then a month later we can say that the Ukrainians’ intention was to kill Vladimir Putin.

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This was confirmed by the Deputy Director of Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Vadim Skibitsky, in an interview with the German newspaper Welt. He describes the assassination of the Russian president as an “absolute priority.” He is at the top of our list. “Putin notices that we are getting close to him, but he is afraid of being killed by his own people,” he repeats.

That’s not all, as Ukrainian military intelligence also wants to attack Yevkhuni Prigozhin, the commander of the Russian armed forces, the head of Wagner’s army. “We are trying to kill him. Our priority is to get rid of the commander who is ordering his men to attack”, acknowledged Vadim Skibitsky.

In the interview, the deputy director of the military intelligence service believed that Russian propagandists, oligarchs or civilians could also be Ukrainian targets: “We are at war, they are our enemies. If a big person is producing and financing weapons, removing them will save many civilian lives,” he said.

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