Ukrainian conflict: The Polish mayor who insulted Salvini did not regret anything

Earlier in the week, he was greeted with a special gift: a T-shirt depicting President Putin, whom Salvini often praised. “It is hypocritical that he came here,” the Polish city councilor said on Saturday. The Northern League leader’s trip to the Polish-Ukrainian border has already sparked some thought in Italy. Salvini is indeed known as a staunch opponent of immigration and has already presented himself on many occasions as an admirer of the Russian presidency, not hesitating to qualify him as the “best politician”. He particularly posted his photo in Red Square, adorned with a subtitle “Putin’s Army” on a T-shirt emblazoned with a photo of the Russian president.

It was this T-shirt that the Polish mayor gave him in front of the press as “no respect”. He then went to the refugee camps and invited them to see for themselves “what his friend Putin did”.

Pictures of the incident spread around the world and a few days later, Mr. Bagun did not regret it. “I told him everything I wanted to tell him,” he said when he visited a refugee reception center in his city on Saturday. This conflict is not new, “but Salvini has long supported Putin and his war. Is he now coming here to show his solidarity with the refugees? This is hypocritical behavior.”

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