Ukraine has announced that it has recaptured the iconic city from Russian forces

“The city is now liberated, but it is still dangerous to be there,” said Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky about the site on the outskirts of Kiev.

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IOn Monday evening, Ukraine announced that it had recaptured the city of Irfin, the site of heavy fighting on the outskirts of Q, from Russian forces.

“The city is now liberated, but it is still dangerous to be there,” Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky confirmed on television, confirming what the mayor of the region, Oleksandre Markouchine, had previously said. Destroyed at the northwest entrance to the capital.

“In fact, it’s happening in a parallel way now: the armed forces are advancing, the police are advancing, and the streets are being thoroughly cleaned immediately,” the minister added. The main checkpoint on the road from Kiev to Irfin reopened on Monday, two weeks after it was closed to the media following the death of an American journalist.

But the fighting continued, with about twenty strong explosions heard during the day on Monday in the pine forest that crosses this six-kilometer stretch, AFP reporters reported on the spot.

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