Ukraine: Berlin condemns “misinformation” and calls for a Cold War era

“It is now imperative that we do not have the misinformation that continues to spread,” said the head of German diplomacy. “Instead, the Russian government must be completely transparent about how troops are being withdrawn.”

Russia recently announced the withdrawal of some troops stationed on the Ukrainian border, but Western leaders have promised no such action.

The German minister lamented, “We do not see any troop movements to mark the exit.”

The German position was previously defended by the United States. “Our information makes it clear that Russian forces, including ground forces and aircraft, are preparing to launch an attack on Ukraine in the coming days,” US Secretary of State Anthony said on Thursday.

The head of US diplomacy urged United Nations Russia to “abandon the path of war”, describing in great detail but without providing evidence the catastrophic situation of the immediate attack on Ukraine.

Ahead of the annual Munich Security Conference, which is dominated by the Ukrainian crisis, Annalena Barbach lamented on Friday that Russia was endangering Europe’s security by “Cold War demands.”

“With unprecedented troop deployment on the border with Ukraine, Russia has been challenging the basic tenets of the European peace order since the Cold War,” Barbach said in a statement.

Moscow must demonstrate “serious expansion efforts,” he stressed.

International leaders and top diplomats are holding three-day discussions on security and security issues in Munich, southern Germany, from Friday to Sunday.

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