Ukraine begins using US cluster munitions: ‘They are using them effectively’

US media reported earlier in the day that Ukrainian troops have begun using the controversial weapon in the country’s southeast to destroy Russian positions, delaying a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Ukraine has neither confirmed nor denied the use of these bombs, which the US has long been reluctant to provide. Kyiv has promised not to use them in populated areas or on Russian territory.

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Cluster munitions are missiles, bombs or shells that explode in the sky above the target. They are designed to disperse or release explosive explosives. They are controversial because many explosives remain unexploded, endangering the lives of residents. More than a hundred countries have waived their use under the Oslo Convention – but not the US or Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to use these weapons if Ukraine begins to do so. Many experts – and Ukrainians themselves – claim that Russia has been using them for a long time.

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