UK intercepts Russian planes near NATO airspace

I amThe United Kingdom mobilized its fighter jets on Thursday and Friday to intercept and escort several Russian planes flying near NATO airspace, the British government said on Friday.

On Thursday evening, Estonia-based Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon aircraft and Swedish Gripen aircraft were “mobilized” to “intercept” two Russian aircraft “flying close to NATO and Swedish airspace”.

“The Russian planes did not comply with international rules by not communicating with the relevant Flight Information Areas (FIRs), but they remained in international airspace and flew professionally,” the ministry added.

On Friday morning, British planes were mobilized again to intercept planes flying south of mainland Russia towards Kaliningrad. RAF fighters intercepted Russian aircraft flying south of mainland Russia over the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.

“Once again, Russian aircraft do not comply with international regulations by not ensuring appropriate communication with local FIRs,” the Defense Ministry points out.

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